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Italy Yacht Charter Destinations @ Catamaran Italy Charter @ Sailing Italy

Italy is home to some of the best sailing grounds in the Mediterranean witnessed by the large number of boats that are kept in the area. The lack of natural harbors located along the coast and the limited numbers of places in the marinas can make it really challenging to find a berth during the summer months on the Italian coast. The islands of Sardinia and Sicily tend to enjoy more wind than the Bay of Naples and the Riviera (check weather) but, in general, there is a lot less during the summer months than other times of the year and yachts tend to have to motor more here than elsewhere in the Mediterranean. The Italians’ love affair with speed, that explains the high numbers of motor boats relative to sailing boats in the area. But, when the sun shines, and there is a warm, steady breeze, most yachtsmen would feel that the wait had been worth it. The variety of scenery, the fabulous climate, the beautifully clear water and Italian food and wine certainly go some way to make up for the lack of wind! Our yachts are in many number of yacht charter centers in the key sailing areas of Italy. Italian regulations state that skippers wishing to sail on a Catamaran for Charter i Italy more than six miles offshore in Italian waters need to hold an International Certificate of Competence (ICC). They also need to be able to produce the registration document for the boat and a valid insurance certificate. There is no lifeboat service in Italy and emergencies are dealt with by the Guardia Costiera.
The telephone number for assistance is: 1530
Most people refer to the whole sailing area as the Mediterranean sea, Italian waters are actually divided into several different areas: The North Adriatic Sea, The Central Adriatic Sea, The South Adriatic Sea, The Sardinian Sea, The Strait of Sardinia, The Strait of Sicily, The Ligurian Sea, The North Tyrrhenian Sea, The Central Tyrrhenian Sea, The South Tyrrhenian Sea, The North Ionian Sea, The South Ionian Sea.

North Adriatic

The coastline of the north Adriatic is flatter and less interesting than other areas of Italy, mainly made up of mile after mile of sandy beaches that are not so much interested for Catamaran Charter Sailing Italy. However, there are many interesting places to visit such as: Venice, Trieste, Ravenna and Rimini. The proximity to the northern coastline and islands of Croatia make this area wherry popular for Catamaran Charter cruising.

Central Adriatic

There is little of interest for the cruising yachtsman in this area of the Adriatic for Catamarans Charter. There are a few notable harbours such as: San Giorgio, San Benedetto del Tronto, Pescara and Ortona but most of the cruising interest is either further north or to the south of the Italian coast.

South Adriatic

The heel of Italy stetches from the port of Otranto up to the Gargano Peninsular. This area is probably the most interesting in the Italian Adriatic for Catamaran Charter, as the coastline becomes very flat and the sea very shallow inshore as you travel north Italy. Also, from here it is only a day’s sail to the island of Corfu in Greece and the fabulous sailing waters of Greece. The Tremeti Islands, off the northern coast of the Gargano Peninsular are very beautiful and totally unspoilt and perfect for Catamaran Charter Italy. There are no marina facilities there and it is only safe to anchor in settled weather. The harbours of Otranto, Vieste, Bari, Brindisi and Manfredonia all have marina facilities.


Sicily is an attractive cruising ground for Catamaran Charter Sailing Italy, particularly along the northern and eastern coasts. It has a number of well established marinas although they can be very expensive in the summer months. We have also bases on Sicily so we can offer you catamarans from there. There are anchorages at Cefalu and either side of Palermo. At the western end, San Vito lo Capo also has a comfortable marina and anchorage, which can be very useful in a Maestrale. Off the western end of Sicily lie the Egadi Islands, which provide some spectacularly clear water and secure anchorages. There is a marina at Favignana. The cities of Trapani and Marsala are attractive destinations, but further round to the south the facilities diminish somewhat. The area is slowly being developed but some care should be taken when on passage in this area. The eastern side of Sicily has some beautiful cities and interesting sailing destinations, in particular: Siracusa, Catania and Taormina are well worth a visit. The marina at Riposto provides ring-side seats for any firework shows that Mount Etna chooses to put on! A trip through the Straits of Messina is made more interesting by the presence of whirlpools at certain states of the tide! Although not dangerous to cruising yachts, they look a little threatening and can affect the sterring at times.

The Ionian

The Ionian coast makes up the ‘Instep’ of the Italian ‘Boot’. There are few harbours suitable for catamarans sailing Italy but there are marinas at Crotone, Taranto and Gallipoli. At Sibari, there is an inland development of holiday homes and a large number of marina berths so you come with the catamaran.

The Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera stretches along most of the coastline of Liguria, either side of the port of Genoa in Italy. From part that runs from Genoa to the border with France in the west is called the ‘Riviera di Ponente’ and its a fantastic location to charter a catamaran.

La Spezia

There are plenty of comfortable harbors in this area for charter a catamaran sailing Italy, notably San Remo, Imperia, Loano and Savonna but few anchorages if any. The port of Genoa has several yacht harbours so you can come with a catamaran. From here to Cinque Terre and the natural harbour of La Spezia in the east is called the ‘Riviera di Levante’. There are a large number of comfortable harbours where you can stop with a catamaran in this area too, but like most of Italy, it gets very busy in the summer and some effort needs to be made to secure a berth for the night where we can also help you. There are a few anchorages available, notably in Sestri Levante and inside the harbour of La Spezia. In the Golfo Tigullio (Golfo Marconi), the harbours of Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo are very popular with the rich and famous and space is hard to find during the season. Come and be one of them with our Luxury Catamarans.

The Tuscan Islands & Argentario

Of all the places to sail in Italian waters, the Tuscan Islands are probably the most appealing and it is propably one of the most popular areas for yacht charter. It has something for everyone. The islands of Capraia, Elba, Giglio and Giannutri are all accessible to yachts and provide a number of attractive harbours and plenty of anchorages, some even secluded in bad weather. On the mainland south of Livorno, the harbours of Cala di Medici, Punta Ala, and on the Argentario promontory: Porto Santo Stefano, Porto Ercole and Cala Galera, are all relatively large and comfortable, and any one of them would provide a fabulous base for exploring the area.

The Pontine Islands

The Pontine islands are a favourite destination for sailing Italy. They are conveniently placed for both Rome and Naples and with six islands to choose from, there is plenty of variety to enjoy. The two largest Islands: Ponza and Ventotene, have attractive towns to explore. The others: Palmarola, Zannone, Gavi and Santo Stefano are smaller, but provide some very attractive anchorages. Care needs to be taken in bad weather as they are a little exposed.

The Bay of Naples

It is not hard to see the appeal of the Bay of Naples for sailors of our catamarans sailing Italy charter. On the northern end, the islands of Ischia and Procida are both very accommodating to our catamarans sailing Italy with several well equipped marinas and a number of beautiful anchorages suitable in settled weather. In the center, the famous outline of mount Vesuvius dominates the skyline with a number of marinas where is also one of ours, lining the coastline around Naples, some more attractive than others! On the southern end, the Island of Capri lies serenely off the Sorrento peninsular. Its harbour is famously expensive, but there is an anchorage to the side of it and a number of spectacular bays suitable for anchoring in settled weather. To the north of the bay, yachts can visit the beautiful Pontine Islands and to the south, the Amalfi coast beckons.

Sorrento Peninsular

This area is renowned for its beauty and is one of the most popular holiday destinations Catamaran sailing Italy. On the northern side, the town of Sorrento sits serenely on a hill overlooking the bay of Naples, and on the southern side, the towns of Positano, Ravallo, Amalfi and Salerno gaze southwards, framed by one of the most famous backdrops in the world. From a sailing point of view, its shortcomings are compensated by the extraordinary scenery. Sorrento has marina facilities, as do Amalfi, Maiori and Salerno. Catamarans can anchor off the seafront at Positano in settled weather.

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Welcome on board the new Fountaine Pajot Catamarans model, the Saba 50

Europe yachts Charter is proud to present You our amazing Fountaine Pajot catamaran: Saba 50. After a first year of charter we are pretty sure that we will offer this revolutionary model in charter fleet and charter management program from next seasons as our top model.

This Saba 50 confirms the new dominating position of Fountain Payot in the catamaran world, the idea is to improve the sailing performance in accordance with a high level of space and comfort with modern and luxury catamaran line. The Saba 50 in configuration with 6 cabins (other catamarans have only 4 cabins) will be for sure a very attractive catamaran in Croatia and Greece for charter activities.
Our charter company is very proud to have in our offers and charter a catamaran Fountaine Pajot, we already have many success with the Liparis 41 and the Helia 44.
Here are the photos of the catamaran.

For charter Saba 50 in Croatia click here and here

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What is a Catamaran and how can you charter one

Catamaran Charter Croatia- Catamaran Rental Croatia

All catamarans for rent in Croatia: Nautitech, Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot and much more

We have in our offers a great price and safe sailing on the Croatia islands on our catamarans. Take up you friend and family or business partners and discover the beauty of Croatia sea.
A large selection of catamarans for charter at Catamaran Croatia Charter includes smaller catamarans that can accommodate up to 10 people, large luxury catamarans for charter, sport and racing, motor catamarans in Croatia. We would like to point out to you some of our models like Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, Nautitech when you choose your charter catamaran. Models of the catamarans you can find here
NAUTITECH OPEN 40 sailing catamaran for skippered charters in Croatia by Catamaran Charter Croatia
With us you can rent all model of catamaran in Croatia. We have them all in all over the Croatia coast and islands.
In our fleet we have the most popular catamaran models available for charter in Croatia: Lagoon 380, Lagoon 39, Lagoon 400, Lagoon 450, Lagoon 500, Lagoon 620, Fountaine Pajot Athena, Saba 50, Nautitech 441, Nautitech 40, Nautitech 40 Open, Privilege 465 and much more.
Some catamarans can be chartered bareboat, crewed or only with a skipper.
Catamarans can be chartered from Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Šibenik, Biograd, Seget Donji, Trogir, Kaštela, Pula and other marinas across Croatia.
Catamarans in Catamarn Croatia Charter sail on the same principle as all sailing yachts monohulls, but they have a lot more advantages like stability on the sea, security, speed and comfort in the catamaran and out side. Because of its two hulls and two keels, catamarans are extremely stable.
Due to the fact that Catamarans out on the sea sailing have minimal slope, they are an ideal choice to charter for people who do not tolerate ruff sea and the rolling of the boats. Because of this stability, you can enjoy your sailing on the Croatia coast. Due to the large sailing area between Croatia islands, catamarans are generally much faster then the sailboats and sailing yachts. Because of its twin motors, handling is much easier.
Lagoon 450 sailing catamaran for skippered charters in Croatia by Catamaran Charter Croatia
All the catamarans are very large, they all have a shallow draft that is ideal for anchorage in beautiful bays on the Croatia islands and coast. The catamarans can easily enter in the bays where sailing boats cannot, come closer to the beaches where is less crowded for anchorage.
Another advantage of the catamarans is the comfort and the roominess. It have a large central lounge, large cockpit, and all in all a lot more space than the sailboats. We can honestly say that Catamarans for hire in Croatia are blend of comfort pleasure of sailing. Because of it twin hulls, catamarans provide more privacy for our clients and also an exceptional views from the saloon. Because of that all the catamaran brings a higher price and related service, more expensive berths in the marinas and harbors on the islands and on the coast.
In our fleet we offer you more than 300 catamarans for charter in Croatia, we have known manufactures such as Nautitech, Lagoon, Privilege, Leopard, Fountaine Pajot and much more.

About Catamaran Charter in Croatia

Catamarans where always popular but now are the new hit in Croatia charter. They are a way to enjoy charter sailing along with the spaciousness of your home in a yacht. Catamaran Croatia Charter offer catamarans in Croatia that can accommodate up to ten people plus crew that can be a skipper and a hostess or a cook. With a width of almost 30 feet catamarans are a sailing five star apartment with 4 cabins. You can leave your children on deck without worrying they could fall overboard when the catamaran is leaning on side. Let your friends sunbath while you sail the catamaran by your self on the sundeck, or better yet let the skipper do it for you so you can enjoy yourself on the vacation. Even in rough weather you will appreciate the catamaran stability that no sailboat can provide you.
Catamarans are a class of yachts that has 2 hulls, equal in size. Catamaran hull speeds are very high, making catamaran a good choice for recreational uses.
Catamarans are usually faster then single hull boats. This is due to several factors, the most important of which is the catamaran hull shape. Catamarans are also very light, which further reduces drag and displacements. Stability of the catamarans comes from there wide beam length. One more great advantage is that they are wider and much spacer than monohulls. Because of that fact a catamaran interior and deck are much more spacious so you have more room in all places on the catamaran. Since catamarans have more room it creates feelings like you are in the luxury apartment. Heads and showers are separate and also the cabins provide enough room for spacious and large beds.  Catamarans are ideal for long cruising in the Croatia sea as they are very spacious and comfortable for long time on it.
Although the principles, sailing is the same for catamarans and monohulls. Discovering catamaran Croatia charter and rentals with
Lagoon 450 sailing catamaran for skippered charters in Croatia by Catamaran Charter Croatia
  • Some catamarans can be harder to tack. Because they are lighter then sailboat in proportion to their sail size, catamarans have less momentum to carry them in the turn when they are head to the wind. Correct use of the catamaran of the sail is often essential in successful completing a track without ending up stuck.
  • Catamarans have a higher average speed then sailboats.
  • They are less likely to capsize in the classic manner but often they have a tendency to pitchpole instead. Where the leeward bow sinks into the water and the yacht trips over forwards.
Learning new sailors is usually carried on monohulls as they are thought easier to learn to sail and also is much cheaper, a mixture of all the differences mentioned before  probably contributes to this.
Catamarans and multihulls are normally faster then single hull yachts for three reasons:
  • Catamaran hulls are thinner in cross section then monohulls.
  • Catamarans are lighter.
  • They have a wider beam
Catamaran is most likely to achieve the max. speed when its going forward and its not unduly disturbed by the waves. This is achieved where the waves are not so big, it is achieved by the design. This has led to being said that catamarans are favorable in coastal waters.
Catamarans over 14 meters (46 feet) provide comfortable and pleasant sailing vacation in luxury and style how you deserve it. Catamarans are ideal for long charter vacations; some of them have 4 or 5 cabins, and also with owner versions.
Price range of the catamarans are between 5,000 EUR up to 20,000 EUR per week.
Large variety of catamarans that are for charter mostly with 4 cabins, but we have also some models with three or five cabins. Mostly catamaran comfort line, but also luxury.
Price range is between 3,000 EUR up to 8,000 EUR per week.
Model of catamarans with 3 or 4 cabins are ideal for a group of friends, families and couples.
Price range is between 2,000 EUR up to 5,000 EUR per week.

Advantages of catamaran charter Croatia

Advantages for charter a catamaran in Croatia:
  • More stability
  • More room and privacy
  • Sail faster
  • Safer for kinds and familly
  • Shallow draft

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Catamaran Charter Croatia

Catamaran Charter Croatia; Catamaran Rentals

A large selection of catamarans for charter at We include large luxury catamarans, sport, racing, motor catamarans in Croatia. Browse through our offer form which we would like to point out Lagoon, Nautitech, Fountaine Pajot and Privilege and choose your charter catamaran. Models are arranged in categories, according to length.

Catamarans make a special type of sailboats. They consist of two connected hulls; considering their construction they are more stabile and spacious than monohulls. Catamarans are roomy inside and outside on decks. They are relatively low and have swimming ladder which makes them easily reachable, and in addition to that they allow good visibility and bring plenty of natural light in.

Catamarans are ideal choice for families and larger groups, and they are safer for small children and yachtsmen beginners than monohulls.
Considering their wide and spacious interior there is little chance of feeling squeezed in or claustrophobic.

Another good thing about their layout is a separate skipper cabin, which is accessible through saloon but directly from the deck also. Not all models have this option, but regardless of that, you will still have enough of your private space on a catamaran.
Compared to monohulls, they are also easier to navigate and don’t require any special experience. However, if you are not certain of your skills, we strongly recommend hiring a skipper.
Catamarans are a good choice for those with little or no experience on board, as well as for those more experienced sailors looking for comfort and space.

Visit our site and check the best selection of Catamarans for Charter in Croatia:
Catamaran Charter Croatia

Charter Jeanneau 64 in Croatia with Europe Yachts

Sail Croatia on board Luxury crewed skippered sailing yacht Jeanneau 64.

Jeanneau 64 can be chartered from marinas Sukosan and marina Seget Donji near Trogir Split

Jeanneau 64 is the newest luxury and elegant sailing boat available for charter in Croatia. By any standard the new Jeanneau 64 is a remarkable and amazing sailing boat. This luxury and modern sailing boat is the biggest of all Jeanneau models available of charter in Croatia. Because this sailing boat is so big and so modern and luxurious it needs to appeal to sailors with a variety of missions.
One of the primary mission Jeanneau 64 needs to fulfill is entertaining friends, clients, and family during your stay on the boat. Special attention is paid to the way guest spend their time on board this sailing boat, with huge spaces dedicated for relaxation, reading, dining and sunbathing.  The full harmony and balance of living areas for gathering with family and friends with quiet spaces for relaxation enjoying the natural surroundings is established.
Jeanneau 64 has very spacious interior and exterior space, providing lot of light and it is equipped up to the highest standards.

Charter Jeanneau 64 now for an unforgettable charter experience. Jeanneua 64